Rae’s Kitchen now offers a variety of tasty and convenient “Naturally Strong” nutrition

JessNoniePersistence is just part of Nonie Taul’s personality. When this mom’s oldest child, Annie started complaining of frequent stomach aches, Nonie did what any mom would do. After several doctors visits and a noticeable weight loss, Taul’s daughter was referred to a gastroenterologist. Annie was diagnosed with Celiac Disease, an autoimmune disorder where the ingestion of gluten can lead to the damage in the small intestine. The dietary changes that took place in the Taul household were also adopted by Nonie. After the omission of all things gluten, Nonie began to notice how much better she felt.

Nonie has always led an active lifestyle, from youth sports  through her college years as a dance major. She is a certified yoga, pilates and group fitness instructor. As Nonie’s students became inquisitive about her personal diet and nutrition she started a Facebook Page as a support site. As her followers grew in number, so did her passion to help others with their quest for better health through diet and exercise. In 2015 she started her business, Naturally Strong Nonie. She teaches classes that are designed to help women look and feel great in addition to providing meal plans and even grocery lists to help with meal preparation. Taul has also taken it a step further by visiting and inquiring with local restaurant owners about menu items that fall in line with the nutrition plan she promotes. Healthy choices are most certainly available when dining out and can be found “Nonie Approved” at Moe’s Southwestern, The Ox Kitchen, Sage, Two Sisters Bakery & Deli and Locals.

When 2018 rolled around, Taul’s persistence again came into play with the gals at Rae’s Kitchen. She had approached Jessica Guthrie and Nancy Dupree about preparing some of her healthy recipes that would be easy to grab and go. After the Christmas Holiday season Guthrie agreed to give it a try. The response has been amazing and the kitchen’s
business has increased such that they had to hire friends to help out a couple of days a week just to keep up with the demand for the “Naturally Strong/Nonie Approved” items that occupy the cooler shelves. “We have moms that come and stock up for themselves and also grab a different dinner casserole for the husband and kids” says Guthrie, “It’s a win – win!” Some of the current healthy choices endorsed by Nonie and prepared by Rae’s Kitchen include an extremely popular Egg Roll Bowl, an Edamame Quinoa Salad, Chicken Lettuce Wrap Stuffing, a GLOW (gluten free, low carb, organic) Bowl, a Green Quinoa Bowl, Cauliflower Detox Salad, Vegetable Detox Soup and a Turkey Sausage & Cabbage Soup. The offerings vary and are seasonal but there are typically approximately ten different choices available at all times.

For more information on Nonie Taul and the services she offers visit her website at www.naturallystrongnonie.com or visit her Facebook Page “Naturally Strong Nonie”.  To get a taste of what Taul is advocating (and more) visit Rae’s Kitchen at 460 N. Section Street, Fairhope (251) 210-6135 www.raeskitchenandcatering.com • Facebook “Rae’s Kitchen”




Fairhope’s New Ox Kitchen infuses fine dining techniques into a comfortably simple menu of Southern staples

BOpicWhile attending Auburn University, Bo Hamilton spent a few summers living, playing and cooking at ski resorts in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. He discovered that being in the kitchen was something that he really enjoyed. When classes resumed, he worked the remainder of his undergraduate years at Auburn’s Terra Cotta Cafe. After graduating, Bo and buddy, Matt Heim, partnered to open a fine dining restaurant. They were the proprietors of J. William in Auburn. The property the restaurant was located on was ultimately sold. The guys were able to sell the business which resulted in the end of a four year run and the beginning a new career journey for each partner.
Bo moved to his hometown of Birmingham, Alabama and accepted a job utilizing his marketing degree. During that time he met his wife, Molly, who is from Oxford, Mississippi. The newlyweds decided to move to Jackson, Wyoming where Bo could revisit his happy place and resume doing what he enjoyed so much as a student. While in Wyoming, the couple started making plans for Hamilton to create something of his own. After the birth of their first child, the couple decided that they needed to be closer to family. They planned their descent home with a business plan in hand and set their sights on Oxford, Mississippi.
After giving some thought about the limited outdoor recreational options for their young family, the Hamiltons decided they needed to explore a coastal location. They visited the Eastern Shore this past April and after 10 days, they dropped their pin on Fairhope, Alabama. The Hamilton’s arrived at their destination last October and Bo reports that “things pretty much fell right into place”.
Hamilton found a spot at Fairhope’s Windmill Market and has been hard at work getting things up and running at OX KITCHEN. His a la carte menu utilizes techniques he procured during his fine dining days and focuses on simplicity. “With very little waste and a minimal staff, you can sell a burger for $6.50” says Hamilton, “You don’t have to reinvent the wheel if you make a really good wheel”. The Ox Kitchen menu boasts of the basics with accents of originality. Try an Ox Burger, Ox Chicken Sandwich (grilled or fried), a Fried Gulf Oyster BLT or a Pork & Greens Sandwich. The Pecan Smoked Wings are flash fried and served with Alabama White Sauce.
Sides are separate and generous. Options include house fries, side salad, collard greens or mac & cheese. If you are looking to go lighter try a Chopped Southern Salad with grilled or fried chicken or a Berry & Feta Salad with grilled chicken. The kiddos won’t be able to complain either! They get to choose from grilled cheese, mac & cheese, fried chicken, grilled chicken or berries. Look for daily specials to be added and be sure to ask about their Ox Fries.
The Ox Kitchen is currently open for lunch Monday through Saturday from 11am until 3pm and Friday for dinner from 5pm until 9pm.
The Ox Kitchen @ Windmill Market, 85 North Bancroft Street, Fairhope
(251) 990-8533 • Facebook “Ox Kitchen Fairhope”