Daphne’s Southwood Kitchen presents upscale cuisine in an approachable atmosphere

IMG_6615Chef Jeremiah Matthews’ education, culinary travels and experiences have allowed him to cultivate the kind of food experience that he not only shares with his customers but also with his entire staff. The creativity that flows through his kitchen embraces a philosophy of continuing education, ingredient appreciation and a never ending quest of progression.
Early last year, Matthews was presented with the opportunity to build a legacy of his own. It was an offer that he couldn’t pass up and the timing was right. He opened his restaurant, Southwood Kitchen, in August of 2017.
His back of the house team includes his son, Noah Matthews and Sous Chef Tyler Ales, both who are well seasoned and industry trained. General Manager, Steven Hall and Bar Manager, Robbie Dozier engage with customers front of the house with a professional hospitality, well stocked bar and a wine list that is constantly evolving.
Although there are no white tablecloths, that doesn’t mean the food is undeserving. Matthews strives for upscale cuisine in an unpretentious atmosphere. Fresh, local ingredients are used – seasonal vegetables, fresh fish, hand ground beef, hand cut fries, house made salad dressings and even pickles.
The menu descriptions share credit with the farms and purveyors of the ingredients allowing  the diner to recognize quality and appreciate the communities they represent.
The lunch menu is more constant but the dinner menu changes daily based on what Chef Matthews is able to procure.
Snacks/Starters are known to include buttermilk onion straws, hot crab dip, pimento cheese with house made pork rinds, fresh soup, oysters and pork belly. Salads are made of local greens, tomatoes and fresh mozzarella, in addition to other seasonal items. Seafood/Fish entrees come from local gulf waters in addition to other fresh catches from
around the world. There are a variety of tenderloins, filets and high end beef cuts that fall into the meat category.
Southwood Kitchen is open for lunch Monday through Saturday from 11am until 3pm with dinner service beginning at 5pm. Reservations have recently become an option for guests. Although they are accepted, they are not mandatory to enjoy a delightful dining experience.
Southwood Kitchen •  1203 US Highway 98, Suite 3D, Daphne • (251) 626-6676
Facebook “Southwood Kitchen” •  www.southwoodkitchen.com


Joy and David Davis vow to sustain the legacy of Ms. D and her Belforest restaurant

MsDSonny Davis laid the foundation and erected the building in which his wife, Diane built not only a business but her legacy. In 1970, Ms. D opened the doors to the public as a bar. She enjoyed providing the locals with a gathering place to relax and unwind after a long day. She started making pizzas for her patrons and before she knew it, the word was out. Her “Southern Italian style pizzas” were in such demand she had to recruit friends to help fulfill all the orders that were coming in. Her pizzas were sold and delivered to businesses and individuals from the Causeway to North Baldwin to Gulf Shores. It was not uncommon for Ms. D and her crew to pump out 200-300 ready-to-bake pizzas before the bar opened at 10am.
Diane’s focus eventually shifted. Her desire was to expand her food business and prepare more than pizza. A full kitchen menu was introduced bringing folks to her tables to enjoy, not only pizza, but burgers, crab claws, shrimp loafs, hot dogs and even fried bologna sandwiches!
This past August, after a brief illness Ms. D passed away. The restaurant was her baby and she made it clear that her wish was to “keep the business going”. Her son and daughter-in-law, David and Joy Davis inherited Ms. D’s Restaurant and they are now in charge of the day to day operations and honoring Diane’s wish to continue the enterprise. They have been humbled by the support of the community, loyal customers and wonderful employees who have stood by them during such a difficult time. The
legacy of Ms. D will continue through those who knew and loved her. They look forward to sharing her place with the public for many years to come.
There is something for everyone on the menu. Appetizers, salads, chicken wings and tenders, burgers, BLTs, chicken sandwiches and seafood – shrimp, oyster or fish loaf/po-boy and even a crab burger. And don’t forget about the pizzas and the full bar!
The Davises are most excited to announce to the public that Ms. D’s Restaurant is now officially smoke free. You can bring the kids and enjoy a great meal and on weekends, live, local entertainment. (There will be a outdoor deck added soon to accommodate those who wish to smoke or just to enjoy the outdoors.) Ms. D’s Restaurant opens Monday
through Saturday at 10am. Lunch is served from 11am until 2pm and on Friday and Saturday evenings dinner is served from 6pm-10pm.
Ms. D’s Restaurant • 25714 Highway 181, Daphne/Belforest • (251) 626-9918
Facebook “Ms. D’s Restaurant”

Manci’s Antique Club introduces new enhancement and welcomes Managing Partner

GarrettDeLuca-1Garrett DeLuca is excited to embark on a new chapter in his career within the food and beverage industry. This Daphne native was initiated at the ripe old age of thirteen. He worked at restaurants throughout high school and college and graduated from the University of South Alabama with a degree in Marketing. He tried his hand at sales and “hated it”.
For those of you who know the industry, there is no easy escape, so you just make the best of it. And that is exactly what DeLuca is doing.
In 2015, Manci’s Antique Club in the heart of Olde Towne Daphne was reopened under new ownership. The historical Daphne landmark was rejuvenated by two very talented, restaurant/bar owners from both sides of the bay, Harry Johnson and John Thompson.
With Thompson’s business model (Callahan’s Irish Social Club) as the blueprint, Manci’s was reformatted as an entertainment venue with a great bar. Burgers and other eats were introduced following an extensive kitchen renovation.
Thompson has hosted some of the South’s most talented musicians at his Mobile establishment and for the past two years has included the Eastern Shore venue in his bookings.
The latest renovation began in May when a portion of the business began yet another transformation. Within the wall’s of Manci’s there was an overflow area that was revamped as Buster’s. It is an offshoot of the original bar and touts a more upscale, yet cozy feel. Behind the bar is a wood and gas fired brick pizza oven that cranks out gourmet pizzas that compliment an extensive list of wines and craft beers. There is also a full bar which features a separate cocktail list and includes high end scotch and bourbons. You can still enjoy the music that streams in from the original bar area but it is more of a background accent allowing you to simultaneously enjoy conversation.
Garrett capitalized on this opportunity to personally expand within the industry and now holds a vested interest. He is still managing, but now as a partner. With all the finishing touches now in place, DeLuca, Johnson and Thompson can now service clientele with options within the same facility.
Make plans to stop by and peruse the list of wines that are available by the glass or by the bottle, the craft beers and the specialty cocktail menu. All of which can be enjoyed with appetizers, a charcuterie board, salads, gourmet pizzas and even desserts. Whatever you are in the mood for, Manci’s has you covered!
Manci’s is open Monday through Thursday from 3:30 until and Friday through Sunday from 11am until. Buster’s hours are Wednesday through Sunday starting at 5pm.
Manci’s Antique Club and Buster’s

1715 Main Street, Daphne • (251) 375-0543 www.mancisantiqueclub.com
Facebook “Manci’s Antique Club BusterBar-1


Daphne Dream Dinners help families nourish and nurture with great ease, variety and affordability

Layout 1

Heather Chopin was initially introduced to Dream Dinners in Mobile when a friend invited her to attend a session. She immediately fell in love with the concept and after six months of being a customer, Heather decided that she needed a job with Dream Dinners of Mobile. The company’s founding mission of bringing families together around the dinner table was something that definitely resonated with Heather. She fondly remembers growing up with her family around the dinner table and realizes the importance and the need to promote that in today’s fast paced society.
It wasn’t long before she started researching franchise opportunities with Dream Dinners.  Circumstances presented themselves that provided a space for an Eastern Shore location. Heather presented the idea to her partner and got the green light. After spending three weeks at the corporate headquarters in Snowhomish, Washington, Heather and her managers, Michelle Starling and Stephanie Stringer went to work
getting everything in place for the Daphne location.
As a Dream Dinners customer, each month you choose your meals (online or in store) from a monthly menu and select a date and time to come into the store to assemble your meals. There is an attentive staff that who handles everything involved in the meal creation process. They take care of all the shopping, chopping and prep work so you can focus on assembling the meals you have chosen. Plus they take care of all the clean up! In about an hour you can easily customize a month of dinners based on your family’s tastes.
The menu offerings change each month and include grill options, heart healthy choices and meals you can bake from frozen. Side dishes and desserts are also available to complete your meal. At the end of your session you will leave with a month of meals that you will store in your freezer. Each week just thaw the meals you would like to eat and cook as directed. It’s a fabulous way to solve the “What do you want for dinner” dilemma.
If you don’t care to assemble your own meals you can have them made for you with a service fee. You can also share the fun and camaraderie of the Dream Dinners experience with your friends. Groups of 10 to 12 may reserve a private session at no extra charge. You’ll have full access to the store for a full 2 hours just for you and your invitees. If you don’t necessarily want to sponsor a group gathering, there is a “Bring a Friend” option as well.
Dream Dinners of Daphne welcomes you to pop in and see for yourself. They are hosting a tasting event on Wednesday, July 26th from 6pm until 8pm where you can prepare 3, three serving meals for just $34.99. To sign up visit http://dreamdinners.com/taste/719212 and use the password: Taste – or for more information give them a call.

Dream Dinners Daphne • 1539 US Highway 98, Suite 302 • Daphne (251) 336-1673
www.dreamdinners.com • Facebook “Dream Dinners Daphne”

The Pigeon Hole makes its debut on Main Street, Daphne

CindyPigeon-1Cindy Nicholson grew up in Mississippi surrounded by a family who enjoyed, appreciated and instilled in her the importance of a great Southern meal. She learned the good old fashioned way – from Mamaw and Papaw – and it is reflected in the recipes and techniques that she uses in her offerings that are now available to the public at her newly opened restaurant, The Pigeon Hole, located on Main Street in Daphne. Cindy loves to feed people and has always wanted to share her passion for Southern comfort food.

After working in restaurants for the past twelve years, her opportunity arose. Because of the variety of things she loves to cook she didn’t want to be pigeon holed into a limited menu. The terminology that she used to describe her predicament actually became the inspiration for the name that she chose for the restaurant. Cindy had actually managed the business that occupied the actual location that she now leases. The former tenant hired her to oversee the restaurant operation while he was of the country. She offered to purchase the business upon the owners return but was initially rejected. After a few months, Cindy was approached and offered the opportunity that she initially sought out. Cindy and her husband, Dan acquired the space and started the process of transforming the surroundings to their likings. Cindy desired to have a yellow awning in the front of the building and permission was granted to take down the existing overhang to accommodate her awning. Upon removal, there was structural damage that was uncovered that required some extensive work. That prevented customers from being able to enter the business through the front entrance. Cindy was determined that this was not going to hinder progress. She started promoting and serving a limited take out menu that was available through a side entrance and dubbed them her “side door specials”. Cindy looks at the process as a “blessing in disguise”. She has been able to make a gradual progression, building her staff and menu, working the kinks out along the way. The dining room officially opened the first time the night of one of Daphne’s Mardi Gras parades. The following Monday was the implementation of her full menu, Southern Cooking and Then Some. Daily specials, every day entrees with an extensive list of side items, burgers, brisket and sandwiches, soups, salads and even a squabs (kids) menu.

The full lunch menu is served from 11am until 2pm Monday through Wednesday and from 11am until 8pm on Thursday and Friday. A breakfast menu is the most recent addition. The Pigeon Hole is now serving breakfast from 7am until 10:30am. The menu for the most important meal of the day includes breakfast meals that include pork chops, brisket and eggs, country ham, biscuits and gravy, a breakfast casserole, french toast and pancakes. You can build your own omelette, sammich or stuffer or choose from the a la carte menu. Mimosas and wine cocktails are also available. Current business hours are Monday through Friday 7am-10:30am for breakfast and 11am until 2pm for lunch Monday through Wednesday. On Thursdays and Fridays the lunch menu is available until 8pm. Look for weekend hours to be announced soon. Call-in/pick-up orders are welcome and delivery is even available through DapperDeliveries.com for a small fee (charged by the delivery company).

The Pigeon Hole, 1716 Main Street, Daphne • (251) 222-4120 • Facebook “The Pigeon Hole” • www.pigeonholedaphne.com

Popular Downtown Mobile Coffee Company expands offering to Eastern Shore

John SerdaThis Mobile native started his entrepreneurial journey in Puntarenas, Costa Rica. John Serda graduated from the University of South Alabama and was working towards his Masters Degree as he studied abroad. During his time in Costa Rica, John and the son of his host family saw a need and fulfilled it. They opened a coffee shop and internet cafe in 1999. It was extremely popular with tourists and other students. The partners were able to procure and serve local high end coffee that visitors to the area enjoyed. That, in turn, spurred a demand for their Costa Rican coffee after visitors returned home. John built a website and was able to enhance his business with online coffee sales. What started out as a six month stay for Serda turned into two years. John eventually returned to Mobile and sought traditional employment. His underwhelming search led him back to coffee and self employment when he opened his first coffee shop in Downtown Mobile in 2008.

Serda’s offers traditional cappuccinos, lattes, frozen cappuccinos, iced coffee drinks with frozen coffee cubes and a great selection of fresh roasted coffees from around the world utilizing a state of the art on-site roasting facility. They also offer a great selection of sandwiches, wraps, salads, smoothies, Italian gelato, and craft beers along with domestics and imports, wine and liquor.

This past November, Serda’s Coffee Company opened a second location in Daphne. The Eastern Shore location mimics the same business model of the flagship store with added enhancements. The new construction of the building allows more flexibility in the kitchen arena which has inspired a chef driven menu offering cooked from scratch. In addition to meeting your morning caffeine needs, the Daphne location can get you fueled with breakfast specialties that include Columbian pancakes, biscuits & coffee gravy,  breakfast bowl and sandwiches, omlettes and benedicts. The menu transitions into lunch with soup, salads, sandwiches and sides.

The spacious surroundings host Tuesday night trivia, Thursday night bingo and Saturday game night, all starting at 7pm.  Happy hour is Monday through Friday from 5pm until 7pm with half off drafts and $1 off wine. It’s buy one, get one free coffee on Monday evenings and Wednesday evenings, enjoy two for one gelato.

Make plans to stop by the new Daphne Serda’s – there truly is something for everyone!

Serda’s Coffee Company, 1539 U.S. Hwy 98, Suite 203, Daphne • (251) 517-3963 • Facebook “Serda’s Coffee” • www.serdas.com

Hal’s Pub Grub satisfies late night food cravings at Daphne’s Bay House Pub

HALAlthough originally from Texas, Hal Scheurich has been a resident in the Mobile Bay area since 1989. He started his journalism career at the ripe old age of 18. You may even recognize his familiar face from his reporting of local events in the Baldwin county area via Fox 10 news. Scheurich has been a Bay House Pub patron for years and he has always enjoyed cooking as a hobby. Through the years he has participated and even placed in local food competitions.
Around this same time a year ago, Cheri Cleveland, the owner of Bay House Pub, approached Hal about the possibility of him offering a late night menu. So, last year when college football kicked off so did Hal’s Pub Grub. With Hal’s full time job the availability of his menu is limited to Thursday through Sunday but what he offers is quite unique. He has carefully selected the ingredients that he uses and is hands on from start to finish. Freshly cut lunch meats, produce and seasoning combinations in addition to the preparation techniques and the use of a steamer make this offering quite remarkable.
Thursday night offerings are limited to steamed sandwiches and burgers from 8pm until midnight. The full menu kicks in on Friday and Saturday from 8pm until 1am and consists of several varieties of nachos, steamed wraps and sandwiches, salads and burgers. The same menu is available on Sunday as well from 4pm until 10pm.
Nothing on the regular menu is priced over $10 and includes tax. Hal has something unique to offer in each menu category and quite a few items are based on suggestions from and even named after regular customers.
Some popular selections include the Fiesta Chicken Nachos, Buffalo Chicken Nachos, the Firecracker Chicken Wrap (fajita marinated chicken, cream cheese, jalapeno and habanero peppers with romaine lettuce), the Asian Tiger Wrap (chicken, steamed bell pepper, onion, mushroom, carrots and broccoli slaw drizzled with Tiger sauce and Siracha and topped with crunchy chow mein noodles) the Mob Boss Steamer (sliced salami, pepperoni, bacon, grilled mushroom, onion and bell pepper with mozzarella cheese and marinara sauce) the Kisser Burger (1/4 pound Angus beef patty topped with your choice of cheese and bacon and ham) and the Marky Mark (1/4 pound Angus beef patty topped with salami, pepperoni, mozzarella, bacon and your choice of toppings).
Hal enjoys catering to people’s tastes and special requests are welcomed. Call ahead take out is also available.

Hal’s Pub Grub @ Bay House Pub, US Highway 98, Suite 207, Daphne • (251) 656-7486 or (251) 626-0158