Exciting News!

Pictured from Left to Right: Beth Anne McCormick, C.J. Ezell, Valerie Ezell

I remember March 2020 very clearly. I was sitting at a local restaurant when our Governor announced the hardship that was about to ensue for the restaurant industry. It was paralyzing, and it called for us to rethink everything.

It was just before the Annual Arts & Crafts Festival, and The Eat Beat was about to go to print with the annual full-color map insert when the hammer dropped. The festival was canceled because of Coronavirus. Shortly after that, mandates came down, and restaurants had limited hours and could only offer carry-out services. It was crazy and hard to wrap our heads around the fact that we had just been cut off at the knees. Covid changed everything.

I knew there was no way I could continue to print because no one was going out to eat. Furthermore, how could I continue to solicit advertising to support the publication? Our restaurants could barely sustain themselves; some couldn’t even do that and were forced to close. I put the Eat Beat on hold and had to regroup along with every other small business owner.

Now here we are a little over 3 years later. I have printed special edition issues for Mardi Gras and Arts & Crafts but nothing on a consistent basis. But now it’s time to get back to business.

Restaurants are thriving, musicians are playing, tourism is back, and people are calling and asking. It’s time.

It’s time to start printing and promoting our local restaurant and entertainment scene again.

I am happy to announce that the publication will be revived! I have partnered with Valerie and C.J. Ezell to bring The Eat Beat back on a regular basis!

As the owners of CrossBay Digital, a full-service marketing agency based in Fairhope, they bring a wealth of expertise and resources to the table, which will help us reach a wider audience and ensure the success of the publication. With their support, we can showcase the vibrant local restaurant and entertainment scene like never before.

The revived Eat Beat will not only serve as a guide for residents and visitors looking for the best dining experiences in the area, but it will also promote local musicians, artists, and events. We want to create a platform that celebrates the rich cultural tapestry of our community and encourages people to explore and support local talent.

In addition to the print edition, we will also expand our digital presence. We recognize the importance of reaching and engaging readers online on social media platforms. This will allow us to connect with a broader audience and provide real-time updates on the latest restaurant offerings, events, and promotions.

Our primary goal is to support and uplift our local businesses. We understand the challenges they faced during the pandemic, and now it’s our responsibility to help them thrive again. We can generate excitement and encourage people to patronize these establishments by highlighting their unique offerings and sharing their stories.

We will work closely with restaurant owners, chefs, and entertainers to ensure our content is authentic, informative, and engaging. From in-depth profiles and interviews to reviews and recommendations, The Eat Beat will be a trusted source of information for all things related to our local culinary and entertainment scene.

To ensure the sustainability of the publication, we will actively seek partnerships with local businesses for advertising opportunities. By showcasing their products and services within the pages of The Eat Beat, businesses can reach a targeted audience and demonstrate their commitment to supporting the local community.

We are incredibly excited about this revival and the opportunity to once again be a catalyst for promoting our local talent and fostering a sense of community. The Eat Beat will not only be a guide but a testament to the resilience and spirit of our restaurant industry, musicians, artists, and all those who make our community vibrant and unique.

Stay tuned for the first issue of the revived Eat Beat, coming soon to a restaurant, coffee shop, and venue near you. We can’t wait to embark on this new chapter and celebrate the flavors, sounds, and experiences that make our community truly special.