Daphne Coffee House focuses on building community

\"SCC-Web-About-GroupPhoto.jpg\"Two couples – same dream, the dream of one day opening a coffee shop. What ultimately brought the Lynne and Gabe Holloway and Mallory and Eric Friese together could best be described as divine intervention. Both husbands were at crossroads with their career futures. Gabe, an Associate Pastor, was contemplating ordination. Eric had a successful career with Hewlett Packard. When Eric quit his job and started volunteering at church, the couples discovered their commonalities. Now the these two families are not only accomplishing business goals but spiritual goals as well.

Soul Caffeine is just as serious about coffee as it is about building community. Their method is simple, its genuine and focused and caring. Their business is a vehicle to allow people to come together. They promote personal value and serve as a “third space” with their unique take on customer service and conversation. Soul Caffeine also serves as a non-denominational networking facility where organizations and churches can gather and be truly ecumenical, not just in word but in deed.

The comfortable set up and friendly staff is welcoming to all. Stay as long as you would like, write on their chalkboard walls, use their wi-fi, play the piano, bring the kids and let them play while you catch up with friends over coffee. Soul Caffeine offers a wide variety of reasonably priced, freshly roasted coffee including expresso, cold brew, french press, pour overs, frappes and their own signature coffee drinks. Non coffee options include tea, hot chocolate and smoothies. An assortment of pastries are also available.  All gratuities are donated to local ministries, mission organizations and non-profits that benefit and build community. Soul Caffeine Coffee House is open Monday through Saturday, 6am until 5pm. Soul Caffeine Coffee House, 2004 Highway 98, Set B, Daphne (251) 345-4156 • www.soulcaffeine.net • Facebook “Soul Caffeine\”