Fairhope Rotary Youth Club continues to care for our community

Things are awful quiet at Fairhope’s Rotary Youth Club without the kids. Covid-19 has made sure of that. But nonetheless, generous sponsorship, community volunteers and dedicated staff at the center are doing everything in their power to make sure the children and elderly of the Fairhope community knows they are of utmost priority.

Feeding the Gulf Coast, a local food bank, works through the Fairhope Youth Club providing single-day distributions to hundreds of families in need. This location provides 200 meals (breakfast and lunch) each week day for children up to age eighteen. They have a drive up distribution and are happy to provide these meals. They want everyone to know that anyone is eligible to take advantage of this opportunity. Gallons of milk have also been donated and are also available at no charge.

Also on hand, are miscellaneous pantry essentials, dry goods and household supplies. If there is a need for cleaning supplies, hand sanitizer and masks during these uncertain times, those in need are encouraged to ask. They are happy to oblige.

On Fridays the focus is on providing a hot lunch to the elderly and shut in. Local churches participate by assembling and delivering and there is also drive up access.

Executive Director Tracey Miller is in the process of implementing A Virtual Summer Enrichment Program. Computers will be used to help keep children engaged and be able to access some of the benefits of enrichment and tutoring as it relates to reading and math. The costs associated with this process are considerably more than the traditional method. Each computer costs $328. They are looking at purchasing 100 computers and are accepting donations to help with the expense. Miller and her staff truly miss and worry about all of the Rotary Youth Families. They look forward to getting back to the way things used to be. In the meantime, they are doing their best to maximize efforts and provide services to Fairhope’s youth as we all proceed with this much different way of getting needs met.

To donate to the Fairhope Rotary Youth Club, please contact Executive Director Tracey Miller at 251-928-9148 email: tmiller@rotaryyouthclub.org


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