Local couple forms business to promote a Southern staple

Any time is Tailgate time according to Paige and Jimmy Dill. This cute couple started baking their cheesestraws just for the fun of it and have turned it into a thriving business.
Jimmy Dill has taken a recipe that was given to him by a beloved friend, made a few tweaks and has come up with his version of a popular Southern entertaining staple. 
The Dill’s, who both enjoy baking, started out in the kitchen of their home under the Cottage Law and quickly realized that they needed a larger space. They moved their operation to the kitchen at Camp Beckwith in Fairhope. Because of the equipment they were using, the couple was producing small batches and putting in a tremendous amount of hours. Within a short amount of time, they realized that they just couldn’t keep up and it was time to step up their game. They relocated to their own commercial kitchen in Fairhope, upgraded their equipment and are now capable of producing multiple batches of thousands of cheese straws.
Tailgate Cheesestraws are made with quality ingredients. They are crispy, savory and pair perfectly with a nice glass of wine. They can be served as an appetizer or just simply eaten as a snack. They contain just the right amount of seasoning but, if you prefer, a spicier version is available for those who “like it hot”. 
Paige and Jimmy are thankful to all their friends whom have supported their endeavor and spread the word (and their product) throughout the community. The Dills also appreciate local vendors like B&B Pecans, Hazel’s, Greer’s, Piggly Wiggly and Rouses who have also embraced their business by offering Tailgate Cheese Straws for sale in their locations.
This past Christmas season they participated in a Christmas Market (Merry Little Market in Point Clear) showcasing not only their cheese straws but other family favorites;  cheese cake cookies, oatmeal craisin cookies and poundcake! Because of the shelf life of those items, they are not sold in stores but available as a special order. For more information on Tailgate Traditions Cheese Straws, special orders or shipping contact Jimmy Dill at (251) 278-9600 or email jimmy.dill@tailgatecheesestraws.com.


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