Daphne Author, Joel Brown dedicates his first book to waitresses

41FF4NDXMfLIt’s always nice to get tipped right? Whether you are helping someone to their car at the grocery store, serving them at their favorite restaurant, or just being told that you shouldn’t quit your day job. Well Author Joel Brown definitely thinks so. In his new book, “The Waitress Book, 51 Tips To Help You Double Yours”, he expresses his love for waitresses, also how observing and interacting with tons of them all over the world for over 40 years has given him the inspiration to help the struggling waitress. We sat down with Joel at Serda’s in Daphne to learn more about him and what prompted the writing of this book. 

Joel is a Daphne native who received his undergraduate degree in Finance from Auburn University, followed by an MBA from Georgia State University. After working a number of years in the financial world and getting fed up,  Joel decided to venture out. He worked on large ships and traveled the world. In his adventures he met a countless number of waitresses who shared stories and “tips” that have played a valuable role in the making of this book. Upon first opening the book you can’t help but notice that the table of contents is in the format of a menu. First there are two appetizers, then three entrees, an assortment of “side orders”, as well as dessert (and don’t worry it comes with coffee). The meaning of this is to show the reader that being a waitress should be approached as providing a memorable experience that has been planned out and properly executed. Joel claims that in his book you will find a wide assortment of “tips” that if used properly can potentially double the amount of cash you are taking home after every shift.

Not a waitress? No worries! Before writing this book Joel owned and operated a successful auto glass company where he shared the same “tips” that he reveals in his book, and the response was great. “Every day my employees were doing the things I was suggesting, and they were getting tipped regularly.” Joel is extremely passionate about this, he then says with great emphasis “One thing I wish people would understand is that if you buy this book for only $9, which is less than one good tip, you can double the amount of money you are making!” One thing that is apparent throughout The Waitress Book is the placement of inspiring quotes throughout it’s text from successful people such as Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, and Jim Rohn, to name a few.

Joel claims this book is about life stating, ” I have had friends of mine read this and tell me I am going to go back and teach this to my employees and they are not even in the restaurant business.” At the end of the day Joel is a very energetic and passionate person who’s main focus is to help others improve their income and quality of life.

I did ask Joel, “Why waitresses, what was so special about them?” His face lit up as he reveals that he once fell in love with a beautiful 15 year old blonde server at the Waffle Hut in Gulf Shores, Alabama. Still to this day he remembers her and regrets the passing up the opportunity to get to know her. The bottom line is if you could use at least a couple extra bucks in your pocket then check it out, you may get even more than you were asking for.71totxm+EIL

The Waitress Book: 51 Tips To Help You Double Yours can be purchased on Amazon in either paperback or ebook for $9.99 and 99 cents respectively. Joel also offers private seminar and training sessions for not only hospitality businesses, but any company looking to strengthen their customer service from the inside out. Joel can be reached by email at joelbrowngolf@yahoo.com or by phone at 251-402-7923.

Article submitted by contributing writer, Chase Marshall.


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