Hal’s Pub Grub satisfies late night food cravings at Daphne’s Bay House Pub

HALAlthough originally from Texas, Hal Scheurich has been a resident in the Mobile Bay area since 1989. He started his journalism career at the ripe old age of 18. You may even recognize his familiar face from his reporting of local events in the Baldwin county area via Fox 10 news. Scheurich has been a Bay House Pub patron for years and he has always enjoyed cooking as a hobby. Through the years he has participated and even placed in local food competitions.
Around this same time a year ago, Cheri Cleveland, the owner of Bay House Pub, approached Hal about the possibility of him offering a late night menu. So, last year when college football kicked off so did Hal’s Pub Grub. With Hal’s full time job the availability of his menu is limited to Thursday through Sunday but what he offers is quite unique. He has carefully selected the ingredients that he uses and is hands on from start to finish. Freshly cut lunch meats, produce and seasoning combinations in addition to the preparation techniques and the use of a steamer make this offering quite remarkable.
Thursday night offerings are limited to steamed sandwiches and burgers from 8pm until midnight. The full menu kicks in on Friday and Saturday from 8pm until 1am and consists of several varieties of nachos, steamed wraps and sandwiches, salads and burgers. The same menu is available on Sunday as well from 4pm until 10pm.
Nothing on the regular menu is priced over $10 and includes tax. Hal has something unique to offer in each menu category and quite a few items are based on suggestions from and even named after regular customers.
Some popular selections include the Fiesta Chicken Nachos, Buffalo Chicken Nachos, the Firecracker Chicken Wrap (fajita marinated chicken, cream cheese, jalapeno and habanero peppers with romaine lettuce), the Asian Tiger Wrap (chicken, steamed bell pepper, onion, mushroom, carrots and broccoli slaw drizzled with Tiger sauce and Siracha and topped with crunchy chow mein noodles) the Mob Boss Steamer (sliced salami, pepperoni, bacon, grilled mushroom, onion and bell pepper with mozzarella cheese and marinara sauce) the Kisser Burger (1/4 pound Angus beef patty topped with your choice of cheese and bacon and ham) and the Marky Mark (1/4 pound Angus beef patty topped with salami, pepperoni, mozzarella, bacon and your choice of toppings).
Hal enjoys catering to people’s tastes and special requests are welcomed. Call ahead take out is also available.

Hal’s Pub Grub @ Bay House Pub, US Highway 98, Suite 207, Daphne • (251) 656-7486 or (251) 626-0158

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