The art of the cocktail is a constant celebration at Fairhope’s Tongue & Groove Drinkery

KyleKinderThis self proclaimed “Yankee” has definitely found his happy place in the “slow Southern atmosphere” of Baldwin county, infusing his passion for quality cocktails at Tongue and Groove Drinkery in Downtown Fairhope.  Kyle Kinder grew up in Wheeling, Illinois and worked during his teenage year busing tables and washing dishes in the restaurant service industry. He and his family moved to LaGrange, Georgia as he was entering his Senior year of High School. With a History degree from the Art Institute of Atlanta and a Hotel and Restaurant Management degree from Auburn  University, Kyle has spent a big part of his career in operations and management of high volume restaurants. His culinary skills were learned along the way and he has had some outstanding opportunities to learn from some of the best. With experience on both sides of the restaurant arena – front of the house and back of the house – one thing that always struck a chord with Kyle was the gap between the two. As a manager, Kinder strived and implemented procedures to make things cohesive and promote each area’s “restaurant family relations”. Another aspect that he always seemed to resonate with Kinder was lack of attention that was being given to the cocktails that were being served. All the emphasis seemed to be focused on the food quality, ingredients used and presentation but the drinks were not well crafted in also were comprised of too many artificial components.
Everyone knows that the restaurant business is incredibly demanding requiring many long hours. This new father came to the realization that he was working too much and wanted to be more accessible to his wife and son. Through mutual friends he was presented with an opportunity to consult on a bar project that was slated to be opened in the Downtown Fairhope area. An undertaking that would pay homage to the history and art of true mixology. That all came to fruition when Tongue & Groove Drinkery opened its doors on October 2nd. Kinder feels that a guest’s experience at a bar is just as important as what  you should encounter when enjoying a great meal. He has researched and built relationships with the farmers that grow the fruit, herbs and other ingredients used in the drinks served.  He has comprised a staff that all subscribe to the same philosophies and keep current when it comes to cutting edge processes and trends.  You will find no well liquors at Tongue & Groove and their standard pour is 2 ounces, as opposed to the industry standard of 1.25 ounces. They take just as much pride in the beer and wine that they serve by supporting local and regional breweries and boutique wineries. They are on stage behind the bar Tuesday through Saturday from 4pm until midnight mixing, muddling, entertaining and creating quality libations for your enjoyment.
Tongue and Groove Drinkery, 77 South Section Street, Fairhope (251) 517-7771 • Facebook “Tongue&Groove”

One thought on “The art of the cocktail is a constant celebration at Fairhope’s Tongue & Groove Drinkery

  1. Can’t wait to try this place out!! Sounds absolutely fantastic!!
    Michele Rousse
    Cut Off, Louisiana

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