Chef Scott Dumas continues to pursue passion for Italian wines by launching Pavone Importing with family

scottDAfter 27 years of creating memorable dining experiences through cooking and pairing food with wine in restaurant kitchens, Chef Scott Dumas is now trying something different. Several years ago while traveling in Florence, Italy, a conversation with a wine maker sparked an interest in the pursuit of an importing venture. For the past two years, Scott and his wife Robyn along with her brother, John and sister-in-law, Rosemary Greene have been working towards the launch of their new company, Pavone Importing.
The first shipment of wines were delivered to their temperature controlled warehouse in Daphne late May. The wines they launched with and are currently importing are from four regions in Italy; Piedmont, Tuscany, Sardegna and Puglia. They are true varietals and aren’t very well known outside of Italy. Pavone Importing is the only company in this area bringing them to the United States. Most of the wine makers are females who have inherited family vineyards that have been organically cultivated for generations and generations; each rich in family history and distinct and unique in taste.
Pavone Importing currently has a portfolio of nine labels with three more to be added soon. The partners are influenced by the winemakers that they represent and their interests lie getting to know their makers, the history and bringing Italy to Alabama. They strive to show the appreciation for the product and the story behind it. Pavone Importing’s wines are currently available at Southern Napa in Daphne, The Squashed Grape in Foley, Domke Market in West Mobile and Firehouse Wine Bar in Downtown Mobile. Facebook “Pavone Importing”


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