Fairhope’s Newest Coffee Shop, The Fabled Brew cultivates “a story in every cup”

CoffeeCoupleThere are amazing things happening in the world of coffee, and this couple has set out to share their knowledge as well as learn from others along the way. Although their journey as shop owners has just begun, their travels and experiences are what have gotten them to this point. Jennifer Lindsay and Darryl Gonzales are creatively pairing their passion for coffee with a unique business model that celebrates regional differences. Fabled Brew is the name of their business because “there is a story in every cup.” With a Master’s Degree in History, Jennifer has identified coffee as one commonality of most every individual on the planet. “It transcends race, religion and socio-economic boundaries,” says Lindsay. “People from all walks of life can enjoy coffee.”
Darryl’s career in sales and marketing, along with the knowledge and experience acquired from growing up in his family’s restaurant business, helped harness the direction and timeliness of the launch of their business. It’s a beautifully unique combination of what each partner has to offer, and together they offer the community artisan brews from around the world. Fabled Brew opened in February after much research and training. Barista classes and coffee conventions were part of the mix, and every product that they use in their shop was hand selected for a specific reason. To ensure the freshest coffee possible, the roasted blends are supplied by Fairhope Roasting Company. The single origin beans come from a small roaster in Louisiana that ships directly. The coffee is brewed as ordered, and you won’t find any artificial sweeteners at this establishment. It’s agave nectar, honey or stevia that they offer. Their syrups and milk are all organic. Coffee and coffee drinks offered are espressos, lattes, Americanos, Javacicles (an iced blended coffee), the coffee of the day and Green Bean Refreshers – a refreshing fruity beverage with a caffeine kick – made from unroasted green coffee beans. The Refreshers are available in Valencia Orange or Wildberry Mint. They also offer several signature coffee drinks that have become fast favorites with their regular customers. They are always experimenting, so look for more to follow! You won’t find traditional coffee house snacks like muffins or bagels either. Fabled Brew has their own culinary creation called the Oublie that can be enjoyed in a sweet or savory manner. It is a tubular, stuffed, unleavened waffle served with a dipping sauce. Oublies can contain Conecuh sausage, pepperoni, ham & cheese, PB&J, spinach & artichoke or strawberry or blueberry & cream. On Saturdays the bacon, egg & cheese Oublie is added to the menu. Fabled Brew coffee is also available by the pound. There is a drive through window where you can place your order, or you can call in and pick up your order at the drive through if so desired. Fabled Brew is open Monday through Friday from 6:30am until 8pm and on Saturday from 7:30am until 7:30pm. The Fabled Brew, 21180B State Highway 181, Fairhope  (251) 928-2566 • Facebook “Fabled Brew”

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