Erdem Saridemir expands McSharry’s menu and calls for quality and consistency in the kitchen

ErdemErdem Saridemir was a picky eater as a child. When he was around age eight or nine his mother called his bluff and basically told him to “make it yourself”. That may have been the catalyst that turned this young man from being picky to being a culinary perfectionist. Erdem is a Turkish native who came to Gulf Shores in 2006 and began working at Nolan’s Fine Dining. He became familiar with McSharry’s Irish Pub as a patron. He and Ronan McSharry became fast friends  and two and a half years ago Erdem took over kitchen duty at Fairhope’s Irish Pub. Together, McSharry and Saridemir have worked to grow the establishment’s food offering along side the bar revenue. Erdem takes great pride in the food that he serves focusing always on quality and consistency. It’s no longer “Pub grub”. You can still get the traditional Irish staples such as Shepard’s Pie, Fish and Chips, Irish Nachos, Guiness Chili and their famous Blarney Burger but the menu has grown and now allows for more creativity from Saridemir. As of last January, all of the kitchen renovations were completed along with additional equipment being added. The menu was expanded and includes a complete page of specials which include handcut filet and ribeye steaks, seared tuna tacos, a chicken cheesesteak and blackened chicken sandwich and more. There is something for everyone at McSharry’s whether you are in the mood for an appetizer, salad or entree or even dessert (homemade bread pudding with whiskey sauce) – along with your favorite beer or cocktail – McSharry’s has you covered!

McSharry’s Irish Pub, 101 North Bancroft Street, Fairhope (251) 990-5100 • • Facebook “McSharry’s Irish Pub”

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