East Shore Cafe • Main Street • Daphne, AL

Proprietors Larry Mickleson & John Sibley

I’ve known these guys for quite a few years. They put out an incredible amount of food from a tiny kitchen with consistency and hardly any wait time.

The staff treats you like family because many of their patrons frequent the establishment to the extent that they might as well be. It’s a great place for breakfast, lunch or in between. (Dinner on Friday and Saturday evenings)

The Little Yellow Cottage on Main Street

To tempt your tummy, I snapped a few shots of what was coming out of the kitchen when I was last there…

Crab Cakes
Tybee Island Club
Mystics’ Rueben
Cup & Board
Crab Cake Sandwich
Hummingbird Cake
Key Lime Pie

Here’s a link to their recent Feature Foodie Article that was published in The Eat Beat.

Layout 1


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